Arts and Entertainment

The Lake County arts scene is a diverse community. More than in larger centers of population, the relatively small population of Lake County lends itself to a coalescing of those of like mind and interest. Thus, you can easily locate the art or entertainment you’re looking for. From music and dance, to recitation of poetry or prose, to painting, sculpture, and visual arts of all kinds; to community theater, classic cinema, and even a few open mics, you’ll find that the level of passion, professionalism, and quality of the arts and entertainment in Lake County will both surprise and delight you!

For example: See incredible bluegrass music at the annual Anderson Marsh Old Time Bluegrass Festival in Lower Lake. Catch wonderful plays performed by the students at Lakeport High School. Take in great blues music, as well as the symphony, at the Soper-Reese Theater in Lakeport.